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Project Athena-Minerva

Welcome to Project Athena-Minerva for students (primarily grades 10 through 12) and educators interested in career discovery and education. This website was created for students and educators who are enthusiastic about giving career education and exploration a wider platform in B.C. schools. This site is meant to supplement and support the B.C. Ministry of Education’s Career Education Curriculum and Career Education 10-12 Guide in an engaging and interactive way.

On the site, you will find videos of authentic and honest career stories. The videos are intended to be immersive and help students with career discovery just short of participation in that job/career themselves.  These stories are also heartfelt and plain-spoken and meant to give students a rich and multifaceted picture of work.  We intend for students to understand the immense diversity of career possibilities that are out there for them.

We are excited for you to learn about the often-mystifying world of work. Be transported, be inspired, build self-knowledge, and create a career action plan!