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Helping B.C.’s young people take charge of their futures

At the intersection between an internship and reading a sterile job description is an opening for in-depth career stories that will transport students into the often-puzzling world of work.


Project Athena-Minerva is taking an engaging approach to career exploration. This experience should feel fascinating, just short of participating in the career/job yourself. From this site, students should learn about career and work from engaging, multidimensional career stories. These stories will help you build self-knowledge. After that, you are in a great position to create your own career action plan. May we suggest you pattern your own career plan based on career plans others on the site have taken.


Currently, career education on the site is being promoted to B.C. high school students in grades 10 through 12. These are the school grades during which our Province teaches career education. This site will be used during career education classes where career exploration is taught.  ln the future, we hope to promote the site as a full-length course as part of an in-depth career education curriculum during the first year of college and university throughout B.C.

The Story Behind Project Athena-Minerva

We were created in the tradition of most new endeavors. Following a series of ad-hoc career decisions, SFU Education and Engineering Science grad student, Simone Dharmaratne wanted to make sure other students didn’t have to take the same path. Teaming up with other SFU students Simone decided to talk to folks from various career/job fields to create stories about their work for students about to begin careers. We plan to take steps to collaborate with B.C. high school educators to create a career education curriculum and promote this site to students all over beautiful British Columbia! Welcome to this immersive online career education resource.


The site is called Project Athena-Minerva because we wanted our site to be unique and differentiated, much like the career stories contained here. None of us is or wants to be cookie-cutter, we want to be diverse and alternative! The name comes from a combination. It comes from Athena the ancient Greek goddess associated with wisdom, the arts, learning, freedom, and democracy and from Minerva the ancient Roman goddess that syncretized Athena. Minerva is further associated with schools, art, and knowledge.